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Save time and reduce stress by following these simple time management rules

  • Do Not Multitask – It wastes your time, decreases focus & creates stress. (All of PEPworldwide) 
  • Use what Outlook offers – all the tools are there to take control of your work and life. (Sweden)
  • Concentrate your attention 100% on a single thing and save time & achieve better results. (New Zealand)
  • Start your day right by staying healthy, happy, positive and productive. (Asia)
  • Do the Worst Thing First every day and enjoy the feeling of not procrastinating. (United States)
  • Have no Scroll Bar showing in your Inbox at the end of the work day. (All of PEPworldwide)
  • Institute PEP®’s 60/50™ Meeting Rule.  All 60-minute meetings will last 50 minutes and 30-minute meetings will last 20 minutes.  60/50™ can recover 3.5± weeks per person, per year. (United States)
  • Improve your work and your life and stop procrastinating.  Stop worrying about your task list and leave work at work and fully enjoy personal/family life the remaining part of the day. (Sweden)
  • Open Outlook first to Calendar to get a sense of the day & move to email when ready. (Luxembourg)
  • Dedicate the first 45 minutes of your day to a major priority before opening email. (United Kingdom)
  • Consider the most effective reply to an email. Often a protracted “ping pong” can be headed off with a quick conversation with better results and a closer relationship.  (New Zealand)
  • Make sure you use current technology effectively by maintaining logical systems to store and retrieve information.  Recent natural disasters have highlighted that the disruption to work practices can be minimal, even if the physical workplace is inaccessible. (New Zealand)
  • If something takes less than five minutes, DO IT NOW and get it off your plate. (United States & Romania)
  • Use OneNote in your daily & long-term planning. (Denmark)
  • Healthy work habits include taking breaks, exercising, drinking water, and sleeping. (Luxembourg)
  • Use a Year Wheel to capture all big rocks, events, deadlines and holidays throughout the year. Transfer this information to your calendar and get those invitations going. (Norway)

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