Results of WHITE COLLAR PRODUCTIVITY INDEX (WPI) confirm e-mail management skills and corporate culture affect time management capability.

San Diego, March 13, 2007 – E-mail overload and “broken” e-mail cultures are impacting today’s workers to the point where they feel like each day is like living in
“e-mail hell”. Workers are overwhelming to the point where they are not sure what e-mails to address first and where to put e-mails they want to keep so that they can find them at a later time. According to IBT-USA’s White Collar Productivity Index, office workers are spending about 9 hours per week just on e-mail management which does not include the time spent actually researching and answering the flood of daily e-mails.

According to Bary Sherman, CEO of IBT-USA, “The hours per year spent by U.S. workers just to “manage” their e-mail is costing organizations billions of dollars per year. This does not take into account the “cost” of poor customer service or stress.”

“E-mail problems are more about broken cultures and lack of protocols than anything else. Workers can take several common sense, practical steps to help themselves better manage their e-mails and save time. Yet, perhaps most importantly, senior management, not IT departments, must step up to the plate and lead cultural change.”

Some of the things individuals and organizations can do are:

1. Learn to use the “rules” tool available in most e-mail systems
2. Delete all information when it loses its “value”.
3. Create an e-mail filing system that reflects the way you think.
4. Do not sent cc’s for FYI – it’s really CYA
5. Send less e-mails – get less e-mails
6. Delete all cc’ e-mail to you without reading them that contain 3 or more cc’s
7. Set regular times each day to address e-mail and stick to the schedule
8. Subject lines must clearly state what is in an e-mail
9. Establish e-mail protocols that the entire organization, from top down, follow
10. Tell people you are e-mailing what you need and when you need

For helpful tips and proven methods to help improve your finding systems please contact bary.sherman@pepww.com or 760.731.1400.

The Institute for Business Technology IBT, founded in 1984, is a global training and consulting firm specializing in workplace solutions to improve the productivity and effectiveness of executives, managers, staff and professionals. IBT-USA’s clients include such prominent organizations as AARP, Capital One, Ernst & Young, HP and Toyota.
Source: Bary Sherman

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