About Us


PEPworldwide conducts work-improvement training for a broad spectrum of organizations throughout the private and public sectors.


The mission of PEP® worldwide is to aid organizations to grow by improving the effectiveness of their people within evolving work environments. PEP® serves as a bridge between human behavior and changing technology within these environments. We accomplish our mission by assessing each client’s needs and implementing the selected PEP® Programs which can fully utilize the power of coaching and follow-up to assure long-term improvements in workload management.

Vision Statement

  • To be at the leading edge of trends to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • To be the organization which envisions solutions for personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • To be a positive influence on the management community for personal and organizational effectiveness.

Leadership Team

Lynn & Bary Sherman


Lynn Sherman is the President & Co-CEO and Bary is Co-CEO of PEP® worldwide:us.
Since 1990 Bary and Lynn have worked with thousands of leaders, executives and staff who have participated in PEP® Programs. Their personal clients include companies such as Honda, HP, EY, AARP, and Toyota.
Bary & Lynn have participated in the development of several PEP® Programs, including programs focused on the issues of orporate moves, mobile work environments, executive management effectiveness, working in the entrepreneurial environment, and the effective use of Microsoft’s Outlook and IBM’s Lotus Notes.
They have published numerous articles on personal effectiveness and office technology.