Benefits of the PEP® Program

Organizational/Departmental Benefits

When PEP® is conducted with an entire department, region, or organization, the major resulting benefits are:

  • Information flows more rapidly throughout the workplace.
  • Decisions are made in a more timely fashion at all levels.
  • Planning and follow-through occur to achieve division/corporate objectives.

Other benefits, based upon the structure and/or culture of the organization, may also result, and can be targeted as desired.

In addition to cost reductions, which are a logical result of improved efficiency, our clients experience a broad range of improvements:

  • Work Quality, Customer Service, and Care
  • Business Development
  • Organizational Coordination and Delegation
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Space Utilization
  • Staff Development and Increased Morale
  • Assessments of Resource Utilization
  • Project Origination and Implementation

Participants’ Benefits

After the PEP® Program, participants are asked to complete evaluations to state what results they achieved and how their effectiveness increased. The general benefits that individuals frequently report from PEP® which, in turn, contribute to the overall benefits of the organization/department include improvements in the following areas:

  • Personal Organization
  • Decision Making
  • Turnaround Time
  • Planning Processes
  • Use of Staff /Delegation
  • Task & Project Tracking System
  • Retrievability of Data
  • Concentration on Priorities
  • Project Management
  • Control over Work Load
  • Criteria for Information Retention
  • Productivity

Perhaps equally, or even more important to the individual, are the following personal benefits:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced Procrastination
  • Reduced Overtime