Delivery Options

We believe people learn best in a supportive, positive and familiar environment – where they can actively “practice” as they learn.

Delivering our PEP® Programs within your workplace allows participants to take a practical, “hands on” approach to their learning. Supported by our certified PEP® coaches, individuals are able to reorganize their personal workspace and “correct” their habits according to the PEP® principles. In this way, on-site learning produces more immediate results and long-lasting changes.

PEP® can customize the delivery strategy to suit the needs of your organization. We offer the following PEP® delivery options:

  • Small-Group Delivery is our core methodology. We work in-house with small groups of individuals, who may be drawn from any level of the organization.
  • Train-the-Trainer is available to clients who want to deliver PEP® to a large number of employees at a low cost. PEPworldwide:us can provide the trainer-training and license the client to provide PEP® to its staff.
  • Cascade PEP® uses our staff to facilitate the PEP® program, while the client’s personnel act as coaches to the program participants. (i.e. Managers who graduate from PEP® may help coach their own staff and/or others).
  • Team PEP® is a cost-effective way to deliver company-wide training and implementation in the shortest amount of time. It uses multiple PEP® staff to both facilitate and coach large groups.
  • ePEP® delivers PEP® to participants via a virtual, self-paced learning environment.