Emails – It’s Receiving Not Sending

It’s Receiving not Sending

We get pretty wrapped up in writing emails and wanting to make sure that they are complete in every detail. I’m all for this, but think that too often we forget that the one who is most important is not us, the sender, but person or people who receive our email, the readers.

One important suggestion to follow to make it easy for the receiver to quickly understand the purpose of your email is first and foremost have a clear and current Subject Line for every email. During PEP® coaching we often see a large percentage of emails with no Subject Line or old Subject Lines which are not related to the emails current topic.

Here’s the rule – quick and easy – write a new or revised, clear Subject Line, as needed, on every email you send. A proper Subject Line is one that will allow the receiver of your email to know exactly what your email is about before they open it.

If you’re receiving emails with missing or inaccurate Subject Lines please share the importance of clear Subject Lines with these email senders. After all, they are good folks and just like the rest of us need some guidance on ways of improving their work processes.

We decided to keep this blog short & crisp because getting into the habit of writing clear email Subject Lines is so very important to help you save time, and improve focus and clarity. Improving Subject Line skills is an easy habit to adapt to your email routines.

Please follow the mantra of PEP® (mentioned in our second Blog) and improve your Subject Line skills on a “DO IT NOW!” basis.