An exciting new product called ePEP® is a self-paced, highly-interactive, stimulating, cost-effective elearning program that will allow everyone to have their own PEP Program from wherever they are…..whenever they want.

The proven, practical, and sustainable PEP® Program™ is now available in an easy to use elearning program called ePEP™.

We developed ePEP® because our clients have been sharing with us how important PEP® is for larger numbers of staff.

ePEP® has been designed to allow you to:

  • Share PEP® with larger and more geographically diverse staff cost-effectively.
  • Bring PEP® to more people without the need to add more training meeting days to already heavily impacted schedules.
  • Proactively help new hires start their careers with proven best practice work habits, effective information management principles, and time/planning principles as part of their daily work routines.
  • Support Mobile Work Strategies and Green Workplace Initiatives.

With a documented average of a two-hours’ time savings per week, ePEP® can pay for itself in less than a month.