Wine Harvest Without a Hitch – Planning is the Key

We’re farmers when we are not doing our “real” work which is serving our PEP® clients. This time of the year in Southern California, if you’re a wine grower, is harvest time and the beginning of wine making. If you think completing work projects is difficult – just think how you plan and execute a harvest when Mother Nature is the boss. She gives you a week or less to gather 25 friends to be at your vineyard at 6:30 AM on a weekend morning and have the harvest and crushing of the grapes done before the sun gets too hot and warms the grapes affecting the quality of the wine we make – not to mention the bees that are attracted to the sweetness of the grapes and can be a “pain” when harvesting.

To make everything go smoothly, we used PEP®’s Project Implementation Plan (PIP) process. Actually we implemented five PIPs— one each for Pre-Harvest Prep, Breakfast for 25, Harvest Process, Primary Fermentation, and most important, the Post-Harvest Party which followed and continued on far into the afternoon. The entire day went off without a hitch thanks to effective Project Implementation Planning.

It doesn’t matter what the project (anything that has a beginning and an end), what your job is, or your industry, without exception, it always goes much more smoothly when time is invested to proactively plan out projects. Let us know if you want an electronic copy of our PEP®’s PIP – which will help you get More of the Right Work Done in Less Time, with Less Stress.

We thank all our friends, many of whom are reading this blog, for their help and support with our harvest. Drop us an email If you would like to be included in next year‘s harvest.