You Need A Coach

As we progress through different levels of our professional careers, we engage a variety of coaches along the way. As we want to sharpen our skills, even after we have achieved success in our chosen profession, we need coaches.

Professional athletes, entertainers, surgeons, and business professionals all engage a variety of coaches to help them get better at what they do. All of us need coaches along our career path in order to acquire the skills needed to bring us to, and keep us at, the top of our game.

Most of us get coaching by employing professionals who have an expertise and know how to help others implement new ways of working. These various coaches may be called back to provide “refreshers” or “fine-tuning” sessions. Large organizations often have internal staff who are “development coaches” to support the growth of people in their organization. This is not much different than a sports team providing continuous coaching to their players in every aspect of the game they play or a language skill an actor may need to acquire for a role. This is the real service that we at PEP® worldwide provide to our clients. We call it “implementation coaching” – helping people identify better concepts to do work, understand a skill, start using this skill and then use the skill long enough so that it becomes part of their routines.

Take some time to identify the skills you want to learn, then look around; there are people in your midst that may be just the coach you need – a parent, a spouse or partner, a co-worker, a friend, or you can hire a professional coach.

A word of warning please, change takes commitment.  There are only two reasons that people don’t change; they don’t want to or they don’t know how to.  You have to commit to going through the pain of change.  Then your coach can teach you how to implement your new skills.

If what we have said resonates with you, follow the PEP Mantra and “DO IT NOW” – find that right coach and improve the way you accomplish your work.